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Write Better Essays with Our Essay Rewriter in No Time

This essay rewriter is designed to help you reword existing content to create a new version while maintaining the original meaning.


Remove plagiarism from the content


Improve overall text quality


No more grammatical error


Produce Human like content

How this Essay Rewriter Works

Follow 3 simple steps to use this amazing essay word changer.

Paste text or upload file

You can paste the text or upload the text file from your system

Press the “Rewrite” button

Now hit the rewrite button and get the rewritten essay within seconds

Export Paraphrased Text in multiple File Formats

Once the rephrased essay is ready, you can export text in your desired format


What type of essays can be rewritten using this ai rewriter

This smart essay rewrite tool is designed to understand the specific requirements of various types of essays. You can easily rephrase the following common essay types using this essay changer.

Argumentative Essay

This is among the most common essay types that contain evidence-based argument and writer’s opinion. While recreating this essay, the tool retains the exact sense, citations, quotes, and references.


Expository Essay

This essay type contains information on certain topics narrated with utmost clarity. While rephrasing this type, the essay rewriter ensures the information remains intact and factually correct.

Narrative Essay

This essay type consists of a compelling narrative of the writer. When you recreate this essay type using this tool, it doesn’t distort the writer's considered opinion and perfectly retains the original intent.



This essay type describes sensory details of an event, place, or personality. Recreating this essay type with this tool doesn’t disturb the clear narration or description, which is the soul of the essay.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays aim to persuade readers to have an opinion or take a side using facts and emotional appeals. While paraphrasing this essay, the tool preserves the opinion and facts presented in the essay in exact formation.


Cause & Effect Essay

This essay type contains detail on why certain events or situations lead to resultant events showing a clear connection between two sets of events. When you paraphrase this type, the distinction between cause and effect remains intact.

Who Can Use this AI Essay Rewriter?

Our AI essay rewriter is an ideal tool for students, researchers, and professionals looking to efficiently rewrite essay or reword content. It is designed to assist students of all ages and grades in crafting high-quality essays with ease, efficiency, and accuracy. Whether you're a student looking to rephrase an essay or a professional seeking to refine content for publication, our essay rephraser is here to help.


Perfect Essay Rewriter Rated 4.9/5 in Over 3000+ Reviews Worldwide.

This is the highest-rated essay rewriter tool for students of all grades and professionals like researchers, teaching assistants, and academics. It exclusively helps you in:


Speedup your writing with our free essay rewrite tool by cutting your writing time to one fourth.


Accuracy and precision by retaining all citations, stats, & quotes.


Our essay changer tool enhance the quality of your essay and corrects grammatical errors.


Readability and engagement are improved by better vocabulary and word choice.

Get a Perfect Essay Written for You in Seconds

This is a revolutionary assignment rewriter for academics trained on millions of high-quality essays and articles. It helps you streamline your entire workflow and increase productivity.


High-quality essays


User-friendly layout


Increased productivity

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here you will find the answers to the questions regarding our AI essay rewriter. For any further queries and concerns, please contact our customer support team.

Well, to say the least, absolutely yes! This is the most advanced AI-driven essay rewriter and word changer trained to handle such sensitive academic tasks and deliver best quality results without any effort.

As mentioned earlier, this essay word changer is trained on millions of top-quality essays and articles to sync well with the human writing style. Hence, it delivers perfectly humanoid results that don’t leave any traces of AI generation.

We have mentioned that it doesn’t temper sensitive citations, quotes, references, and statistics. This essay writer also ensures to keep the dates and even punctuation intact.

You can initially recreate essays free of cost to make up your mind whether this tool is worth your money or not. Later you have to pay for the premium version of this essay rephraser to continue rephrasing essays.

What our Users say about us

We have hundreds of thousands of happy clients worldwide enjoying the benefits of this handy essay rewriter. See how it has made their lives easy.

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