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Refund Policy

We have devised a quite moderate and client friendly refund policy that is subject to certain conditions. Here we will discuss all those conditions in detail and elaborate on different scenarios for the legitimacy of refund claim.

  • 1) A customer can demand a full refund within 48 hours of the purchase if its account is not upgraded to premium.
  • 2) Renewal can be canceled any time before the renewal date. If once charged against the renewal, no refund can be claimed.
  • 3) No refund provision at all in the “change of mind” case.
  • 4) If a user is not happy with results and meanwhile has not exceeded 5000 words usage, an 80% refund can be made if the grievances are justified and approved.

It is important to read our policies and especially the refund policy before making any refund claim to prevent any waste of time.



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