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What is the Function of This Summarizer?

Online text summarizer tool can help users convert wordy content into concise outputs. The main function of the summarizer is to keep the input text to the point. Users can summarize three to four passages into one within seconds.


Get short and concise abstracts


Create an overview of lengthy articles


Get human-like summary on-the-spot


Get Unique & Error-Free Summaries

How Does This Article Summarizer Work?

You can generate a condensed summary for your articles in three simple steps:

Upload Lengthy Text

The first step is to copy the text you want to summarize in your clipboard and drop it in the input box of the summarizer.

Hit the “Summarize” Button

After entering the lengthy text in the input box you have to click on the green ‘summarize’ button right below the box.

Export Summarized Text

You would get the summarized content in three to five seconds. You can copy the summary or you can also export it in Word/PDF format.


Indispensable Features of Our Summary Generator

This online text summarizer is the smartest option you can find on the web. Our summary generator uses AI trained bots to condense lengthy text. Some notable features of our summarizer include:

Free of Charge

The most attractive feature of this summarizer is that it is free to use. Users no longer have to pay professional writers/agencies to get their papers summarized. One can use this tool for free without any restrictions.


Professional UI

Our text summarizer is modernly designed and has a catchy interface for users. Moreover, our tool is very easy to use. Unlike other complicated utilities on the web ours doesn’t require users to sign up or register. The simple layout of our summarizer makes it the #1 choice for new users.

AI Summarizer

The summary generated by this tool is very close to that of a human writer. Readers cannot determine whether the summarized text is generated by our tool or by a professional writer. This is because our tool uses modern tech and AI.


Instant Results

A very powerful feature of our text summarizer is that it is efficient. The tool analyzes your input text, understands its context and generates a concise summary within a few seconds. The summarizer by is no doubt the fastest utility in this league.

Beneficiaries of This Article Summarizer

Our text summarizer serves all parties and purposes. Students can use it to summarize their assignments in order to manage the word count limit. Writers can use this summarizer to condense important information and create meaningful conclusions for their blogs. Journalists can use our text summarizer to create quick headlines. Editors can also use our summary generator to shorten & simplify confusing drafts and review them instead of reading every sentence.


Why Use the Text Summarizer by

Our summary generator tool is perfect in all aspects. There are no flaws in our tool and users can easily summarize research papers, news articles, journals, blogs, website content and any other type of document without any complications.


The summarize tool is free with no daily limit or restrictions.


The summarizer uses AI to extract key sentences and central ideas.


Works in different languages and in every part of the world.


Provides human not robotic summaries.

Superiority of this Online Text Summarizer

It takes a lot of effort and time to write a summary. One has to read an article multiple times to understand its core idea to create a meaningful summary.


Less efforts, increased productivity


100% data safety


Time saver


Generates instant results

Frequently Asked Questions?

Get answers to questions popping in your mind!

Our text summarizer tool is absolutely free to use. Users can use this tool without worrying about any limitations and restrictions. No sign-ups or registrations are required.

Yes! This article summarizer can be used on all sorts of devices. Users need a browser and a stable internet connection to use this tool.

The summarized text generated by our tool is 100% human-like and free of all human errors. This is because our tool uses AI powered bots for shortening your input text.

Our online text summarizer can be used by different parties. It can be used by students, writers, journalists, teachers, editors, press release agencies and all other people related to the writing fraternity.

The content created by our summary generator is free of petty mistakes. Still if users want to check the quality of the summarized text, they can use our online grammar checker!

What Do Our Users Have to Say About Us?

Our online text summarizer is providing free services to over twenty thousand users across the globe. Let’s see what they have to say about us:

Average Rating: 4.9 / 5.0



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