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Below are the most frequently asked questions with answers. For any further queries, contact our 24/7 customer support team.

This is an online word changer that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any available device, to create different versions of a text with different words and sentences. This paraphrasing tool takes an input text and rephrase the same, creating a new version of the old text without disturbing or compromising the text's central thought or original intent.

Well, depending on the nature of your requirement and work, this online paraphrasing tool has various advantages. For instance, marketers can rephrase content for marketing purposes; researchers can rephrase paragraphs of already published articles to reuse them in their personal write-ups. The different versions of the same old text can be usedin countless ways by all professional writers.

This is undoubtedly the most intelligent rephraser available online, which is much more than just a simple rephraser. It is also offers other tools a summarizer and grammar checker that makes writing quite easy for professional writers providing them with holistic writing support all in one place. It is free, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any available device. It doesn’t require sign-up, installation, or plug-ins.

This is probably the most frequent and legit question. We strongly believe that this is the best tool available to paraphrase online that creates a hundred percent unique and legible content that perfectly reads humanlike. The content makes sense and never deviates from the central theme of the entire write-up. So the overall quality of the paraphrased text is simply great.

Yes, you can certainly ask for a refund. Somehow, there are certain conditions attached to each different scenario that is discussed in detail here below:

  • You can request a refund right within two days of your first purchase.
  • Each renewal monthly/quarterly/yearly will be treated as a new purchase.
  • After a new purchase, or purchase by returning client, no refund request will be entertained.
  • The user can cancel the renewal at any time.



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