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Tips to Write Assignments Without Plagiarism

Assignment writing is an important part of a student’s life. Creating a unique assignment takes a lot of effort and time.

Even after investing much effort, there is always a chance that your assignments will have plagiarism in them.

Plagiarism can occur in your academic drafts quite often, and this is because most of these documents are based on ideas, experiments, or facts that have already been established by top authors. 

In academic writing, it is very important that you ensure uniqueness in your work.

We have seen many students adopt the technique of plagiarism (stealing and presenting the work of others) to complete their work on time and

without putting in much effort. But you must know that plagiarism has tons of consequences. 

Why Should Your Assignments Be Free of Plagiarism?

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to create plagiarism-free assignments:

• To Get Good Grades/Marks

One of the most important reasons to ensure uniqueness in your academic writing is to get better grades. Plagiarism is unacceptable in the academic world.

In case your work has large traces of duplication in it, then it is going to be penalized. We have seen students get expelled from their schools because of repetitive cases of plagiarism.

This is why you need to make sure that your assignments, essays, and papers are unique. By submitting unique work, you can easily get good marks and grades.

Teachers would always approve and mark original ideas and work better than copied content. 

• To Show Your Observations

The purpose of an assignment is usually to test the concepts of a student.

When you are given an assignment topic to write on, it is best that you reflect your own ideas, thoughts, and understanding in the draft. If you copy the

work of another writer or student, then you can never show your observation or knowledge about the topic.

In case you copy content from another source, then there is always a chance that you will get caught in case the teacher questions you about the assignment you have submitted.

This is why it is important to do original work.

• To Avoid Ugly Consequences 

As we have mentioned earlier, plagiarism is a selfish and unethical act. Every school or college has a zero-tolerance policy toward plagiarism.

It is the biggest type of academic dishonesty, which is why you need to avoid it at all costs.

If your assignment is found to be plagiarized, then you can face multiple penalties and adverse consequences. Some of them include the following:

  • Negative Marks

  • F grade 

  • Monetary Fines

  • Serious Warnings 

  • Suspension / Rustication 

  • Loss of credibility 

Easy Tips to Write a Unique Assignment 

Now that you know about the importance of creating plagiarism-free assignments, it is best that you put effort into creating unique and original work.

Here in this section, we have discussed some of the best tips that can help you write a plagiarism-free assignment.

1. Start with Your Own Research/Experiments

Research work is very important if you want to avoid plagiarism in your assignments. You need to collect important and relevant information on your own.

You can search for the assignment topic on the web and dig into the

results. It is best to collect information from websites, journals, and other academic sources.

Gathering ideas, facts, and important data from multiple sources would help you make a valuable opinion on the topic. 

2. Make Notes Based on Your Findings

After completing your research work, it is important that you pen down all the important points and ideas you think are crucial for your assignment.

You must note down what you have understood about the topic and create an outline that you would follow in your assignment.

Writing the assignment on the basis of your ideas and findings would help you create unique content.

3. Write the Draft from Scratch

Once you have made your notes and are done with the research, you have to close down all the reference sources and write down the assignment draft from scratch and in your own words.

Taking peaks from the referral sources would entice you to duplicate content or style of writing from them.

This is why it is important that you write what you understand and explain points on the basis of your notes. This technique would help you deliver unique work.

4. Always Cite References Properly

To avoid plagiarism in your assignment, we would always suggest students focus on citations.

Without proper and accurate citations, your assignment or papers would be incomplete.

Citing the references would help the teacher or readers know about the sources from which you have obtained information. 

You can follow standard citation formats like APA or MLA to organize your references and credits.

Failing to cite the references is a big red flag and would point out that you have plagiarized content.

If you don’t know how to cite, then you can easily use online citation generator tools.

5. Use a Plagiarism Scanner Tool 

Once you have completed the assignment draft, it is crucial to check it for plagiarism. You can use an online plagiarism checker like Turnitin to scan your drafts.

The scanners can find out even the smallest traces of duplication in your assignment and highlight them in red color.

You can find both free and paid plagiarism checker tools on the web. It is best that you choose the most reliable tool so that you can get the most authentic results.

If you are using a free tool, then it is best to check your work with multiple utilities before you submit it.

How to Remove Plagiarism from Assignments? – Paraphrase Duplicates

In case you have found plagiarism in your assignment, then you must remove it before submission. Plagiarism checker tools can give you the percentage of duplication. 

If the percentage is more than the allowed limit, then it is best to remove or rephrase a similar text.

The best way to remove plagiarism from your assignments is by using a reliable AI-powered plagiarism remover like the offered by

The paraphrasing tool is based online and is very easy to use.

If you want to reduce the percentage of similarity from your drafts, then it is best that you try out this online paraphraser. 

All you have to do is copy the highlighted duplicate text by the plagiarism checker and paste it into the input box of the tool.

After providing input, you have to click on the ‘paraphrase’ button and wait for the results. 

The tool uses GPT3 technology and other advanced algorithms, which helps it understand the context of input and rewrite it in a unique style and tone. 

The new text created by the paraphrasing tool would pop up in the output box. The rephrased content would convey the same message but in different words.

By using the online paraphrase tool, you can get rid of excessive duplication from your assignments in less than seconds.

The tool is not only best for rephrasing plagiarized content, but it can also improve the quality of the text you have written. You can try for free today!


Here we have discussed some tips that can help you compile a unique assignment without putting much effort.

It is important for a student to always use a plagiarism checker and online rephraser when creating a unique

assignment. Both of these tools can help you check and remove duplicates from your work, and that too for free. 

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