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How to Bypass AI Detections Using

Humanizing AI-written content is vital for avoiding AI spam online and perfecting the quality of your text.

Luckily, at, we offer you a solution to bypassing AI detection.

Our AI humanizer helps you quickly bypass AI detection by humanizing your AI-written texts.

So, this article will highlight how you can use to bypass AI detection and make your articles human-written.

Let’s get started.

Steps to Bypassing AI Detection using

Using ParaphraseTool to humanize your texts is very easy because it uses a simple design so everyone can navigate and use it.

Follow these steps to bypassing AI detection using

1. Check for AI-Detection in your text

The first thing you want to do before humanizing your text is to check if it has AI detection or not.

Even though an AI generated text will have AI detection, it is a good idea to check how much detection is present.

To check your work for AI detection, you can use an AI detection tool online.

For instance, I will use GPTZero to check my ChatGPT article for AI detection.

As you can see, according to GPTZerothe, the article is 98% AI-written.

That means we need to humanize our article to bypass its AI detection before we can publish it online, which brings us to our next step.

2. Visit

The next step involves visiting

You can search for us manually using your browser by typing or simply visit the following link:

Now, we can move onto the next step.

3. Select the Humanize AI Text tool

In this step, you need to locate and select the Humanize AI Text tool in ParaphraseTool.

To do this, move your mouse indicator and hover over the leftmost part of ParaphraseTool. See a highlight in the picture below.

After you hover over this toolbar, it will expand and show you the available tools in ParaphraseTool. So, go ahead and select the Humanize AI Text tool.

After selecting the humanizer mode, you will be given access to the AI humanizer mode of ParaphraseTool.

4. Input text

The next thing you need to do is input your AI copy to ParaphraseTool.

The input field is the box on the left which reads “Upload Your Content.” It is where you will be inputting your text. Right next to the input field is the output field.

To input the AI text, you can simply copy the text from your source by and paste it in the input field.

This can be done manually by using a pointing device such as a mouse or you can utilize the keyboard shortcuts for copying/pasting as follows:

  • Shortcuts for copying: CTRL/CMD+C

  • Shortcuts for pasting: CTRL/CMD+V

You can also upload a document or file directly from your device. Just click the upload option in the bar below the input field. See the screenshot below.

Here, I’ve inputted my ChatGPT content.

After inputting the text, we can move onto the next step.

5. Humanize

Once you input the text, it’s time to humanize it.

To do so, click on the greenish button in the middle that says “Humanize.”

After clicking the Humanize button, wait for several seconds until ParaphraseTool humanizes your text.

6. Copy your output

After ParaphraseTool processes your text, it will show you the output in the output field box next to the input field box.

You can copy the output by clicking the Copy button below the output field, in the right corner. ParaphraseTool also gives you the option to export the output directly in MS Word (.doc) format, PDF format or text (.txt) format.

7. Check for AI-detection once again

The last step to humanizing text involves testing the document using an AI detector once again and checking whether it shows AI detection or not.

Just copy the humanized text and paste it in the AI detection tool.

I will use the AI detector GPTZero to check the article humanized by ParaphraseTool. Check below:

As you can see, GPTZero thinks the article is human-written, and at least not clearly AI-written, which means that the article has been humanized to a fair degree and has bypassed the AI detection offered by the tool.

If you want to further humanize the article, consider reading our in-depth guide on: How to humanize AI text, which covers 11 essential and practical ways to humanize AI content for bypassing AI detection.


In this article, we learned how to use to humanize AI content and bypass AI detection. We discussed 7 easy steps that explain everything you need to know about humanizing using ParaphraseTool.

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