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Five Examples Of Paraphrased Sentences

The purpose of paraphrasing is to ensure that the message of the original text is communicated in a way that is easy to understand.

Paraphrasing helps you to focus on your main points and avoid rambling on about irrelevant details. Learning new words is also an effective way to improve your vocabulary.

Paraphrasing is a great way to improve your writing skills. It can help you learn how to use words in new ways, and it can also help you understand the meaning of what you've just read.

It is a technique for making your written work more credible and authentic. Paraphrasing is not just about word choice either.

It is about how the message can be conveyed more simply without losing any of the passage's original meaning.

Five Paraphrasing Examples

Let’s understand paraphrasing with the help of some examples:

1. I don't think that it would be a good idea to have a gathering of friends at the house on Saturday night because I think that there will be too many people there and we might get into trouble.

Paraphrased versions:

a. There will be too many people at the house on Saturday night, so I think that we might get into trouble if we have a gathering of friends there.

b. It probably will not be a good choice to have friends at the house on Saturday night because there might be too many people there and we might get into a difficult situation.

c. On Saturday night, I do not think that having friends at our house sounds like a good idea since we are likely to face a troublesome situation if there would be many folks.

2. I don't see any reason why this course should be offered in our school; after all, we're already having enough difficulty trying to keep up with all our other courses, which are constantly being cut back and cut down by budget cuts imposed by the government.

Paraphrased version:

a. I do not see the need of this course in our school; we are already struggling to keep up with all the other courses which are continuously being cut back by budget cuts.

b. It would be difficult for our school to offer this course; after all, we are already struggling with all of our other courses due to budget cuts.

c. Our school doesn’t need this course; after all, we are already having great difficulty keeping up with all our other courses, which are being cut back constantly by government budget cuts.

3. My aunt told me that she was very happy because she got married last week; she also said that she was very sad because she broke her arm yesterday; now it's better than ever to have an arm again.

Paraphrased versions:

a. It is better than ever to have an arm again, especially since my aunt got married last week; she is also very happy that she got married last week.

b. Last week, my aunt’s marriage was very happy for her; yesterday, she broke her arm, which is great now that she has another arm to use.

c. Earlier this week, my aunt got married; yesterday, she broke her arm, but now that she has her arm back, it’s better than ever.

4. I really appreciate your advice and suggestions, as it helps me decide what to do with my future career.

Paraphrased version:

a. My future career decisions are made easier with your advice and suggestions.

b. The advice and suggestions you gave me are extremely helpful in helping me decide what my future career path will be.

c. My future career decisions depend on your suggestions, so I am really thankful for them.

5. Thank you for helping me out with my project so much because, without you, I wouldn't have finished it before the deadline tomorrow morning.

Paraphrased version:

a. My project would not have been completed before tomorrow morning without your help. I can’t thank you enough.

b. It would have been impossible for me to reach my deadline tomorrow morning without your help with my project.

c. My greatest thanks to you for helping me finish my project in time for tomorrow morning’s deadline. Without you, I really wouldn’t have been able to finish it.

If you think manually taking care of the paraphrasing sounds like a challenging task, then you can use a paraphrasing tool. It will convert difficult text into rephrased version within seconds.

Techniques For Paraphrasing Text Smartly

It can be hard for students to grasp the concept of paraphrasing because they have been taught how to write essays or tell stories, not how to summarize or paraphrase.

But paraphrasing is an essential skill for everyone: students, professionals, and businesspeople alike.

Here are techniques that will help you master this art:

1. Choose the right words

2. Make it personal and relevant to your audience

3. Use synonyms and antonyms

4. Add a quote or illustration

5. Use short sentences with strong verbs and adjectives

6. Edit your work with flow tools

7. Check for spelling errors before publishing anything online (or in print)

8. Understand how words are used in context so you can use them correctly in your writing


Paraphrasing an essay will help you to understand how other people have expressed their thoughts on a topic, which can help you to form your own ideas about that topic better.

It is helpful for those who are not confident in their writing ability or for those who want to improve their writing skills.

Paraphrasing is a great way to improve your writing skills because it forces you to focus on the most important ideas in your text and make sure they're clearly expressed.

It is usually done for research purposes, to improve comprehension, or to share ideas with others.

It can be a useful tool for learning new concepts or vocabulary because it helps you understand and remember what you read.

It also allows you to use the same words in different contexts, which helps improve your writing skills.

In addition, paraphrasing helps students who struggle with writing because they can use their notes as a guide when creating their own papers.

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