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With ParaphraseTool.ai, you can easily Paraphrase Texts

With its advanced AI technology, this paraphrase tool offers all the features that will help you write better, faster, and more efficiently. While paraphrasing this online paraphraser to do a bunch of stuff as mentioned below.


It removes plagiarism from the content


Produces new version of old text


Improves overall text quality


It creates humanlike content

How to use this paraphrasing tool?

Anyone can use this paraphrasing tool as it’s so simple and easy to use.All you have to do this just follow the three steps below to paraphrase.

Input Text

Paste the text into the input box or upload the file using the upload button to paraphrase online

Select Mode (Optional)

Please select the mode from Creative, Anti Plagiarism, Fluency, Formal, Academic and SEO

Click Paraphrase

Now, click on the "Paraphrase" button to begin paraphrasing.


Best Paraphrasing Tool with Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

This online paraphrasing tool is a lot more than a simple paraphraser. It is an all in one writing solution pack for professional writers, scholars, researchers, and marketers to paraphrase online. Our AI paraphraser has many paraphrasing modes as per your requirements

Creative Mode (Free)

This Creative mode of our paraphrase tool allows you to create multiple versions of the same text without disturbing the original meaning and context. This state-of-the-art paraphrasing mode is available for free


SEO Mode

The specially designed SEO mode in this paraphrase tool enables the writers/SEO Experts to create and maintain the SEO-friendliness of content by maintaining the same order, frequency, and placement of important keywords. You can freeze the exact keywords to retain them.

Academic Mode

Considering the delicacy and sensitivity of academic writing, this mode is specially programmed to create perfectly formal, logically ordered, and conclusive content that meets academic standards. This mode retains all critical references, citations, quotes, and more.


Anti Plagiarism (Free)

As the name suggests, this mode is designed to remove and transform plagiarized content. It entirely paraphrases the original text by maintaining the idea of the previous content, leaving no room for plagiarized or copied text at all and guess what this mode is also free.

Fluency Mode (Free)

As the name clearly suggests, this mode paraphrases the text to make it more fluent and easy to understand. In addition, this mode is programmed to paraphrase complex write-ups into simple, articulate, expressive, and continuous tones.


Formal Mode

According to the name, this mode is programmed to rephrase casual routine write-ups into formal texts. This mode changes all informal words, slang, and slurs into formal and more presentable expressions. A perfect one for official communication.

A simple solution to all your writing problems

This word changer tool is an all-in-one solution for students, Writers, Researchers, and bloggers. Our paraphrasing tool rephrases the sentences,paragraphs and keeps original meaning as it is. Paraphrasetool.ai is the best choice because it removes plagiarism from your content and makes it clearer and unique, users can create perfectly human-like content within no time and without actually writing it.


Smartest Paraphrase Tool on the Internet

This super smart paraphrasing tool helps you in paraphrasing and rewriting text. Our text paraphraser has been well-trained for months to paraphrase perfect quality unique content.


This paraphrase tool removes duplicate content, rephrases sentences, and creates human-like content


It does not affect the overall quality of your write-ups after paraphrasing an essay, text, or sentence


It is free of cost and does not require any signups or other registrations. You can also choose to pay for premium services if you'd like.


We value your privacy that is why we don’t keep your paraphrased content.

Paraphrasetool.ai – Freemium Paraphrasing Tool

This AI-powered rephrasing tool is a “bookmark must” item in your work routine, especially in urgent writing. You can trust it as a reliable asset.


Most intelligent online paraphrase tool


User-friendly design


Complete writing solution


Deep search technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Here below are the most frequently asked questions with answers about this word paraphrasing tool. For any further queries, contact our 24/7 customer support team.

An online word changer that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using any available device, to create different versions of a text with different words and sentences. This paraphrasing tool takes an input text and rewords the same, creating a new version of the old text without disturbing or compromising the text's central thought or original intent.

Well, depending on the nature of your requirement and work, this online paraphrasing tool has various advantages. For instance, marketers can generate content for marketing purposes; researchers can change the words of already published articles to reuse them in their personal write-ups. The different versions of the same old text can be used in countless ways by all professional writers.

This is undoubtedly the most intelligent rephraser available online, which is much more than just a simple site to paraphrase. It is also a summarizer and grammar checker that makes writing quite easy for professional writers providing them with holistic writing support all in one place. It is free, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using any available device. It doesn’t require sign-up, installation, or plug-ins that is why you can paraphrase online for free.

This is probably the most frequent and legit question about this paraphraser tool. We strongly believe that this is the best tool available to paraphrase online that creates a hundred percent unique and legible content that perfectly reads humanlike. The content makes sense and never deviates from the central theme of the entire write-up. So the overall quality of the paraphrased text is simply great.

A quick meet-up with satisfied users of paraphraser

Here are a few glimpses of our happy users. See how paraphrasetool.ai has helped them write quicker, better, and smarter over the years.

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